Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stuffed Turban Squash--A new fall fave!

So, I went grocery shopping the other day, and I saw these turban squash.  I didn't know what in the heck they were, or what they taste like, but I decided to buy one and give it a whirl.  I googled recipes and found one on that I thought would work for "Stuffed Turban Squash."  Then, of course because I am incapable of following a recipe exactly, I tweaked it.  So, when you google the recipe, I have some recommendations.  1) use Bob Evans turkey sausage, about 3/4 of a pound.  Other turkey sausages are good, but Bob Evans is less fatty and more flavorful.  I like the zesty.  2)  Add some frozen, country style hash browns--the diced ones--to the stuffing.  This bulks it up and makes it a meal on its own.  I served with Italian bread.  My daughter loved this, though the zesty sausage was a bit spicy for her.  My son refused to eat it, not because he didn't like the squash, though--he isn't a fan of sausage.  My husband and I both loved it!!!

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  1. That looks like a fun Fall recipe. I have never see Turban squash myself.


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