Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wow! I got another award!

My Blog has Attitude!!

What an AWESOME weekend blog hop this was for me!  I made 58 NEW crafting friends!!!  How amazing is that?!

One of them, ELSA @ CricutLvr sent me this award!

Thank You, Elsa!  I am honored!  I have read EVERY comment by EVERY person who visited my blog for this hop, and I will continue to do so!  The neatest part of this whole blogging thing is getting to know new people who share my love of all things paper.

Anyway, Digi's with Attitude is the originator of this award, and they are having a cool prize (a $5.00 gift certificate) for this particular award.  I am not sure if it is a drawing, or each awardee gets the prize; I will check and let you know in a later post.  Regardless, I think it's cool to recognize other bloggers whose work you really admire, and I am sad that I can only pick five!

To qualify, all winners of this award, need to:
1) Nominate five bloggers and let them know (pass it on, etc.)
2) List in a post the three things that give your blog attitude
3) Display the blog award in your sidebar and link it back to Digi's with Attitude.

Three things that give my blog attitude:
1. I only create things that I can actually use or give away to others.
2. I teach middle school, and some of my creations are used as prizes for our positive behavior support system
3. I am on a journey of learning how to take care of my body, which I will also be chronicling in a few ways on my blog.

The 5 blogs that I nominate are:
Beth (my cousin!)  Scrappy Java Girl

Sandra and Janis gave me my first design team opportunity, which has opened the door to so many new friends!  And Beth, though she is my cousin (LOL), creates the coolest projects and bakes the yummiest looking goodies--then shares on her blog.  And Gigi and Michelle are so creative and fun!

Thank you to all who commented on my blog this weekend.  What an honor to know that so many people are willing to take time to make someone else's day!


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