Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So, here in beautiful southern Colorado, we are in the middle of a raging blizzard...and oh yeah, did I mention that we had school today?  The wind is blowing 50+ miles per hour.  We have received several inches of snow.  I am here at school with the last five students in the middle school.  The Colorado State Patrol has closed the highway, and they have escorted most teachers the 25 miles to the town they live in.  The road to my home, 3 miles away, is drifted closed.  My husband just texted and we are without power, and therefore, heat.  Joy. 


  1. Jen! What is up with the Super out there? Sheesh! My kids had a snow day, but across the highway i went o work in the other district. A student arrived at school, after walking, with frost nip on his ungloved hands. Hello people! Love you lots, like tater tots!

  2. Jenifer, I hope you and your students get home safely! Bummer about the whole no power/heat thing...been there, done that and I feel for you-no fun!! Be safe and stay warm.


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